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Shona thought for a moment, she wanted to figure out what the hell was going on. Maybe the town archives would be a good place to start.

“Do you know where the town archives are?” She asked, still feeling the pain across her vocal cords.

“Sure, it’s been a long while since I’ve been here but I think I remember,” Billy replied. “If you’re looking for the history of this place, I can tell you what I know?”

Shona nodded as they got into the car. Sitting in the passenger seat, she held the gun across her lap, pointing at Billy. Once he settled into the driver’s seat, he glanced over.

“Woah, now I’m happy for you to have the gun, but maybe not point it at me constantly? The country roads around here aren’t exactly smooth, one bump and I’ve got a bullet in my gut,” he said, a nervous smile crossed his face as he squirmed in the seat.

She couldn’t help but laugh, though the pain hurt her throat. 

“Fair point,” she whispered. Moving the gun away from him and pointed it towards the floor. 

“Thanks,” Billy sighed, shifting in his seat.

Billy seemed to relax into the driving as he started the car and they left the car park behind them.

“So, I’m going to guess that you’re the granddaughter of one of the families around here?” He asked, glancing at her.

Shona knitted her eyebrows together as she watched him and nodded slowly.

“I figured. I am too. I used to live ‘round here when I was a kid. Anyway, I remember hearing the urban legend of the killer at the school, Howard something right?” 

Shona nodded, using her free hand she had pulled out her dictaphone and hit record.

“Are you recording me? Oh, I get it, the camera, the recorder, you’re a reporter, right? That makes sense, those bastards at the paper sent you to the school didn’t they?” 

“How did you know that?” Shona said, her voice was starting to feel more normal.

“Ok, so here’s the story I heard when I was a kid. The killer at the school who apparently murdered those seven kids wasn’t the main reason for the deaths around here, it goes way older than that. I heard that the whole village was cursed when it was founded, and the seven deaths were a way of keeping the curse at bay.” 

Billy looked over at Shona who raised her eyebrows. While the man who attacked her in the school certainly seemed out of the ordinary, she certainly wasn’t ready to believe in cursed villages just yet.

“I know, I know! It sounds crazy,” Billy laughed, looking back at the road. “But I remember how creeped out I used to be when I lived here. There definitely felt like there was something wrong with the place.”

“So, why come back?” 

“It wasn’t somewhere I wanted to come back to, but I got a call a few days ago. Apparently, I have some kind of inheritance coming my way. The last living member of my family passed away recently. To get anything, though, I had to come here to claim it.” 

They had entered the central part of the village now. Small patches of pure green grass bordered by wooden fences that lead to small brick houses. Each house looked as though they had been built by hand with an assortment of stones of various sizes, thatched roofing finishing the look. ‘Quaint’ was the word that came to Shona’s mind. 

“Here we are,” Billy said, pulling the car up to a small parking area. Looking around, Shona realized there were no other cars anywhere, driving or parked.

“I’d put the gun away, they’re a bit old fashioned around here,” Billy said. 

Shona nodded, she figured if Billy had really wanted to hurt her, he’d had several opportunities already. She pulled her shoulder bag around and hid the gun inside before stepping out of the car. Outside, they were in front of what looked to be some sort of church, with circular towers on each side.

“It’s the community hall, it serves for most gatherings in the village, religious or otherwise. The archives are kept in the basement,” Billy explained as he locked the car, seeing the confused look on Shona’s face.

She looked up at the large angled entrance with a dark wooden door taking up most of its facade. Instinctively she raised her camera and took a couple of photos.

“Coming?” Billy called as he stepped towards the entrance. 

Shona put the camera away and walked towards the door as Billy pushed it open. It looked heavy from the effort he had to put into it. Inside, Shona could see high stained glass windows and the aisle you’d expect in a church, but there was a muted darkness and feel to it that felt out of place.

“Is that little Billy?” A curious voice called out from inside, a small reception was located after the doorway. An elderly lady was sat behind the counter in a white knitted jumper.

“Shit,” Billy cursed, trying to hide his face.

“It is isn’t it, little Billy Smythe, Howard’s grandson!” The woman said, lowering a pair of half-moon glasses over her eyes to get a better look.

Shona stared at Billy, he’d failed to mention he was the grandson of the Juniper High Killer…


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