5 Ways Making Your Morning Coffee Sets You Up For The Day

Do you start the day with freshly brewed coffee? Regardless of whether you hand-grind the beans for a pour-over or use a bean-to-cup machine, that morning routine is more beneficial than you might think.


I’ve been making a fresh coffee each morning for the past several years, come rain or shine, and I noticed that this routine offers a great way to start the day on the right track.


1) Building A Routine


First up, making coffee each morning helps add a sense of structure to your day. For those who feel that getting up is a chore, the thought of making a coffee may not sound like a great start, but trust me, it is. 


As a short task, it provides an (almost) instantaneous reward that also creates a routine that can lead into the rest of your day; get up-make coffee-start work. As James Clear said in his novel Atomic Habits, this idea of having one task that leads to another is the best way of creating focused routines that flow into one another other, and one that ends with a hot cup of caffeinated coffee in your hand sounds like a great start to me! 

2) Caffeine – The Energy Boost


Okay, so there’s no surprise here. The caffeine kick that comes from the coffee is something that obviously helps set you up for the day. 


It takes approximately fifteen minutes for the caffeine in a coffee to fully enter your bloodstream, so having coffee before starting work means that it has a chance to work its magic. 


A word of caution, however, too much caffeine can have an adverse effect. So, don’t keep topping up your caffeine intake as it wears off. In a similar way to alcohol, too much in a short space can hit you fast and not in a good way! 

3) Focusing On A Single Action


The time that you spend making the coffee, from grinding the beans and pouring the water to waiting for the coffee to brew, is a time of focused attention. In the morning, when there can be a million and one things about the coming day rushing through your head, the ability to just stop, think, and concentrate on just one thing for a few moments brings your focus down to a narrow point.


I’m not going to go as far as saying this is a meditation, but there is a small aspect that I feel isn’t too far from it. The focus helps clear the mind for just a few small moments and is a type of relaxation and clarity helping you clear your mind and mentally prepare for the day to come. 

4) A Moment Of Pause


Similarly to the moment of focus while making the coffee, once it’s brewed and ready, you pause for just a moment to take that first sip. 


Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you’ll be running around sipping your coffee while getting ready for work. But at the moment of your first sip, with the aroma of fresh coffee lingering in the air, you can stop and drink. At that moment, you can pause. It might last half a second or half a minute, but you always stop to savour that first sip. 


Pausing is something we probably don’t do enough in life in general. Stopping lets our mind and body catch up to ourselves and reset, and finding a moment like that first thing in the morning is a great way to help set up your day. Also, as a little extra time, if you’re making your morning coffee while the rest of the world is still sleeping, you can get a little extra sanctuary of peace before the world wakes up. 

5) A Feeling Of Accomplishment 


Finally, following the first coffee sip, you will get a feeling of accomplishment. It may only be small, it may only be a cup of coffee, but in reality, you have got up, focused, and given yourself the time to do something for yourself before your day has really begun. 


Similar to how they say that making your bed in the morning positively affects your mood, I feel that making yourself a coffee has a similar effect. It sets the tone for the rest of your day; that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, you’ve ticked one task off your to-do list already. Not only that but it was a task that rewarded you immediately, you’ve worked for it and reaped the benefits within the minutes of your morning. If that doesn’t set up your day, I don’t know what will! 


So there you have it, 5 reasons why making yourself a good cup of coffee in the morning helps set up your day. Why not aim to get up just a little earlier if you need to, carve yourself some ‘you’ time in the morning, and set the day up in a way that looks after yourself and brings a little moment of calm before the day begins?

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