Neon Helix

Ex-Cop and Private Detective Xander Draven had resorted to protection work when he is visited by the synthetic replica of a murdered CEO’s grieving widow who wants him to track down the killer.

Meanwhile, Julian Travitz, a hacker/reporter and his A.I. companion Quartzig, are searching for the next big story and become drawn into the dark past of technology megacorporation CyberBionics.

Along the way, they encounter clones, rogue A.I.’s, psychopaths, priests, and plans that could change the status quo of the city forever.

Neon Cortex

Hired by the Solar Assembly, The Coyotes – a motley crew of six former soldiers, must track down an artifact to stop the Galactic Syndicate from gaining control of the Galaxy. An adventure which will change them, and the universe, in ways no-one could imagine.

The Omega Drive

The first standalone short story based in the Neon Helix Universe

Salem had quit the world six years ago. His unique skills forcing him to escape the reality of the Neon Boulevard and into the complete isolation of a virtual world.

Until, an old debt forces him back into the world, kicking and screaming, to repay a debt and find the missing daughter of an old friend.

Along with his assigned guardian Bella, Salem will have to throw himself back into the gritty world of the Boulevard to pay off his debts.